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Suddenly there I was up on stage at the Nuance IPO party improvising "DO WAA" "SURFIN' SURFIN'" backup vocals. What my untrained singing voice lacked in tonal projection, I'm told I made up by far in spirit with ad libs like "Gonna make it to the finish line!" as our own Mark Klenk (not shown) sang the Nuance IPO song (April 2000), relaying the story of our olympic baton pass to the next leg of high tech Silicon Valley life. Todd Yampol from Jazzmania and NuEnsemble joined in on sax as Doug Sharp (also not shown) provided the main instrumental lead on guitar. Mark and Doug authored the song.

Dancin' on a blustery California day under a killer sunburn sun at the Dream Machines West Coast All-Stars "Blues Harmonica Showcase", April 30, 2000, Half Moon Bay Airport. The awesome RJ Mischo on the harmonica!

Sing-a-long on the dancefloor of the Dixieland Chick 'N Ribs Cruise on the Gateway Clipper Fleet (Pittsburgh, PA, 1998) with my ex-bf, Boris, and my friend, Dani. One of my favorite bands was playing: the Boilermaker Jazz Band!

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RJ Mischo
RJ Mischo
Boilermaker Jazz Band



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